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Best Horse Racing Betting

A lot of people regard horse racing as a founder of betting in the world. And we cannot disagree with it since horse betting has been incredibly popular even before the appearance of the internet. Of course, nowadays individuals have the possibility to attend horse racing events even without leaving their houses and there is no need to go to the racetrack. Basically, the most significant benefit of horse racing betting sites online is that you can place a bet wherever you are and win money immediately after the race!

In our review we will talk more about all details of the sport, some horse racing betting tips and most amazing places to play at. Let’s start with the latter! So, which are the most enjoyable betting sites for Australians?

  • PlayUp
  • PalmerBet
  • Sportsbet
  • BlueBet
  • BetEasy
  • 888Sport
  • Betstar
  • PaddyPower
  • Ladbrokes
  • BetVictor

Know All Benefits and Negatives of Horse Racing Betting Online

Before engaging in horse racing betting, we advocate you to get acquainted with all positive and negative sides of this kind of activity. As well as other sports, horse racing has its own traits that should be considered when you are up to making a bet.


  • Wide range of bets, which gives a broad field to choose from and make diverse bets.
  • High odds that can help a player win a fortune even after one race
  • As mentioned before, horse betting is a very old type of entertainment. This fact means that there are plenty of strategies – you can adopt invaluable years of experience.


  • When you make a bet on a certain horse, you can be too concentrated on it and from time to time lose interest in the whole event.
  • Horse racing is addictive

Most Common Varieties of Horse Racing Betting Australia

If you have already made a decision to bet on horse racing, it’s high time to know all their types and select your favourites. We gathered the most popular ones – just familiarize yourself with them and start your betting experience! Or maybe you would like to bet place several kinds of bets at the same time?

  • Win bet is the simplest one – just select your favourite and bet on it. If the horse will reach the line first, you will immediately feel the taste of victory. That works vice versa too – you can bet on the horse that comes last.
  • Place is pretty similar to the previous one. The difference is that if the selected horse takes one of the three first places, you become a winner.
  • First 4. From the name, it is understandable that you should guess from first to fourth horses and bet on them.
  • Duet bet implies that you bet on two of the three horses in any order. Three winning combinations are available.
  • In Exacta bet it is necessary to select two horses that will be the winners in your opinion. It is required to bet on the exact order in which the horses come.

Horse Racing Betting Bonuses: Grab and Play

Nowadays there are plenty of bookmaker companies and each of them tries to attract the attention of as many players as possible. That is the reason why a big number of different promotions and rewards are provided for users. One of the most popular promotions is the multiplication of your first bet – for instance, when you place $5 and get $30. To know more about the promotions, choose the horse racing betting apps and start winning!

Forewarned is Forearmed: Key Horse Racing Terms

As well as any other sports, horse racing has many nuances, which are important to know before placing a bet. We want to present you a list of terms that are important to know when you want to participate in horse racing betting. Be principally attentive if you are a newcomer since you will see these words more than once while betting.

  • Favourite is the most rated horse, which has the lowest horse racing betting odds.
  • Flash – any change in the information regarding the race.
  • Hedge – overlapping the first bet with another one.

The Most Anticipated Horse Racing Events

A horse racing lover will never get bored in Australia since the choice of events is really insane. Sometimes it is hard to find the most interesting races to bet on due to the diversity offered. The issue is - in horse racing betting, how to find the best Australian event? We have some for you:

  • Melbourne Cup
  • Queen Elizabeth Stakes
  • Caulfield Cup
  • Horse Racing Final Insight

Basically, horse racing is a complicated, but at the same time exciting sport. If you want to participate in it, simply find and install the best horse racing betting app. You should be attentive to details, invent strategies and, of course, understand that such activities are always a risk. However, you will be guaranteed with many hours of pleasure and incredible emotions.

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