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There is an even better option to profit from cooperation with online casinos than gambling, which is an affiliate programme. There is a variety of affiliate offerings for Australians to make a fortune out of attracting new customers to the casino websites. You can join online casino affiliates by participating in the affiliate programme of your preference. This will result in benefits for both sides, new customers and deposits for the casino and commission to the affiliate. Learn more about affiliate programme basics and principles and get the use of cooperation with the trustworthy Australian casinos easily.

How Do Australian Casino Affiliate Programs Work?

There is nothing difficult in realizing how affiliate programs work. In simple words, if you are a casino affiliate, you position the link to the casino on your website and get a commission for every new gambler attracted to and registered at the gaming area.

Your task is to create catchy content about the latest bonus offerings, game releases, casino reviews, gambling hacks and tricks, all to get new clients interested and create an account at the casino you are affiliated with. Affiliate programmes may differ in terms and conditions of cooperation. You’d better look through them carefully, before you decide to participate. This way you will only opt for the top beneficial alliance.

Negative Carryover in the Australian Casino Affiliate Programs

The thing is that gambling affiliate programs are not as straightforward as they may seem. There may be a lot of underwater stones that can distract from your income as an affiliate. You already know that the affiliate earns from every customer that follows the link from the website of the affiliate and gets registered.

But this is not where the affiliate agreement ends. There is a thing called a negative carryover which can be a serious obstruction on your way to a successful career as an affiliate. When the customer gets registered following the link from your website, you earn the commission for this. But when this very customer wins money, the prize is distracted from the commission to an affiliate.

Let’s look at the negative carryover with the example. If you earn $200 commission for the new casino client, but he then wins $400, so you have -$200 on your account. The next commission payment has to cover your debt first before you start earning.

May casinos reset the affiliate account to zero every month, which is a beneficial option for you to search for.

Commission Rates

Generally, you earn a certain commission percentage for every customer following the link from your website and get paid out once a month. But still, there is some difference in commission rates calculated, depending on what type of cooperation the best casino affiliate programs propose to you.

  • Revenue Share - this means that you will earn the percentage from the revenue the casino get from the players you have attracted as an affiliate. This means you are interested in attracting more high-quality players so that your income rises and the casino is satisfied as well. The percentage fluctuates between 5% and 50% depending on how trustworthy and reputable the affiliate is.
  • Cost per Action - this means that you will receive a fixed rate for all players and earn money for the actions the new customers perform, counting, registration, initial and proceeding deposits, wagerings and more.
  • Mixed Models - this can count anything you are able to negotiate with the casino about and can combine different models depending on what both sides agree about.

Finding The Best Casino Affiliate Programs in Australia

Casino affiliate marketing can become your beneficial field to earn good money from. Yet, it is only possible if you select the best affiliate programmes in Australia. This means that you’d better pick out the affiliate programme from the recommended list only. You can also look through reviews, feedback and comments on different sources before you decide who to cooperate with. Mind to opt for preferred cooperation conditions, commission rates models, and other details. Remember that you can always negotiate about the details you are not satisfied with.


Where can I find good Australian online casino affiliate programs?

Review the recommended Australian affiliate programmes list.

How can I discover the details of the exact affiliate programme?

Go to the Affiliate programme section at the official website to read the details and contact support representatives for more clarifications.

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